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Najra's second litter

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  Najra's second litter

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All 1 day old, December 20th, 2006

January 6th, 2 and a half weeks old

Fighting togehter, 3 and a half weeks old

First bite, 3 and a half weeks old

Hi there, over 5 weeks old

Bluepoint male with mommy Najra, over 5 weeks old

Three bluepoints and one lilac

All together

Male, February 1st, 2007, over 6 weeks old

Tymo and his kids

Koshka, 10 weeks old

Ansari, 10 weeks old

Shenzi, over 10 weeks old

Tygo, over 10 weeks old

Who, Shenzi or Tygo

Ansari and Koshka, over 10 weeks old