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  Traditional Siamese breeders:

Below here you can find a link to our workgroup, where most Thai-breeders in the Netherlands are a member of.
Some cattery’s also have their own website and because we either work together a lot with them or we have friendship, you can find their link here too.


In the Netherlands:

Workgroup Traditional Siamese in the Netherlands.

With Cora and Jan lives Farao, he was the father of our first litter Thai kittens.
Also Shadé lives with them, a kitten of our cattery and Faye, a kitten of their cattery, lives in our home.

In this cattery lives Felina which already has visit Tymo three times. Furthermore Karin and Heine breed splendid Russian blue cats!


In Germany:

Our second cat Yuna, who was replaced later on because of some circumstances, came of this cattery. Susanne Cramer is a breeder for more than 25 years, has studied animal psychology and is always ready to gave us advice.

Here lives Ansari, a kitten of a litter from Tymo and Najra.

Quicky is the first cat out of the Netherlands who gave birth of Tymo’s kittens. A grandson of Tymo is also living at Daniela Cramer.


In Australia:

Bibi, our chocolate point kitten, is born at Lyn and Pat Robinson. They are the ones who ensured the registration of the first Thai in Australia!


In America:

Tymo, our stud, came from cattery Black&Tan. Breeder Nancy Ryan is one of the most principal breeders I know. I think she is unique in the States because of her openness and also very dedicated to the Old Style Siamese.



Other sites:

This cattery breeds Tonkanese cats.

If you are looking for a good scratching post, we advise you to have a look on this site.


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