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  Black&Tan Tymo Mostiamo (Pedigree)

In the spring of 2006 Tymo came to live with us. Just before he was 3 months old, Peter and Kevin picked him up in the United States of America at cattery Black & Tan, where he grew up with his brother and three sisters.

The reason for us to search outside Europe is that we wanted to add a complete new line to the Thai cats here in the Netherlands. This means that, with the arrival of Tymo, we have a dose 'fresh' blood and more possibilities to combine with offspring in the future. That's why we're very glad that we found Tymo after such a long period of searching and that he has a pedigree with very, very few double ancestors, in which only Siamese appear with mostly the original colours; seal, choc, blue and lilac.
Because of the fact that most associations in America make no difference yet between the modern and the old fashion Siamese, Tymo is called Siamese on his pedigree. Tymo is a firm blue point of the old Style type and his appearance is like the Siamese, breaded between 1960 and 1970. His points are grey-blue and his fur is cold, icy white. His nose and toes are dark grey-blue.

Unfortunately the Thai is being seen as a new type of breed by associations and lots of people don't want to hear about the fact that the name Thai has been chosen to make a difference between the modern and the traditional Siamese. The breeders of Tymo's ancestors made sure that mostly firm and old fashion looking, not related Siamese cats were used. Because of his appearance Tymo can be most definitely called a Thai in the Netherlands, which means Old Style Siamese.

But Tymo couldn't care less. He is a real rascal, full of energy and does nothing rather than playing in the garden. He is very nosy and wants to see everything, whether it are domestic things like ironing, or the more tough jobs like how to build a little shed. Loud noises, like the sound of the engine of a lawn mower, do not bother or upset him. He loves to play with the electric cord en we literally have to push him aside, because otherwise we would mow over him.

Sometimes we've suddenly lost him and then he's just doing a nap somewhere. We can call whatever we want, Tymo will not come. We have wondered if Tymo's hearing function's well, but he's obvious only deaf when he wants to be...!
Taking a ride on the floor cloth is one of his favourite games and playing with Yuna or Najra and running through the house too. He really enjoys all of this; he doesn't pay attention where he's going and then he just lands somewhere in a plant or in the curtains.
We know that this is all part of being young and we're glad that he's a very sweet male that doesn't care about trifles.

Meanwhile, Tymo is well over a year old and has changed inside and out. He has got a round head with big cheeks, which fits to a cat of his age and under the influence of his hormones, his playful behaviour has almost disappeared. Moments of being very restless alternate with moments of relaxation. Sometimes he plays with the kittens and he'll be running, like mad, chasing the kittens.
Fortunately, Tymo isn't spraying in our living room. But he is not allowed to go upstairs, because he thinks he has to mark some places there.
Because we are not the kind of people who put Tymo in his house in the garden every day, we have decided to hold him is as stud for about a year from now. We also don't want too many itsy-bitsy-Tymo's around. The diversity of different lines and therefore genes, maintains the healthiness of a breed.

People who think that Tymo's line can be a welcome addition to the line of his or her female, can contact us. Tymo has recently been tested of Felv en Fiv and of course this is what we ask from a visiting female cat too. Besides this she needs to have had her normal vaccinations and her health has to be in an excellent condition.

After Tymo's time being a stud, he will stay with us because he has such a nice character.

September 4th, 2007 Tymo has had a new SNAP-test and everything was fine again.
Because Tymo still isn't spraying inside and his behavior is nice and calm, we are trying to lenghten his period of being a stud with a year.

Sunday September 30th we're going to the show in Nijmegen, where the judge will make a rapport. He will be judged as Siamese and not as Thai, because his pedigree says he is Siamese.
We're very curious about the results...

  Tymo as kitten in America

Just arrived in the Netherlands

5 months old


Pleasantly cold on my belly

On the show table with the judge

Taking a nap in the bucket

The lookout post in the scratching post

Catshow in Waalre, 18 November 2007

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